I’m a Graphic Designer with years of experience working on dozens of different projects. Come in and have a look at just a tiny fraction of the different kinds of things I’ve worked on!

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  • Yard Sign for Flagstaff City Council
    Austin and I wanted a "National Park" kind of feel for the branding for his campaign and I think we hit upon something really nice. He also won the election!
  • Logo Design for B&G Liquors
    Very clean logo design for B&G Liquors in Denver. I don't know if they're still using it, but I like it a lot.
  • El Scorcho Banner
    Design for 'El Scorcho' marathon event in Ft. Worth, Texas.
  • Avengers Action Figure Package
    Marvel themed action figure package.
  • Play Night Poster
    Racy! The client wanted a sleek, sexy poster to advertise their event.
  • Colorado Rapids Action Figure package
    I love BB8 with the soccer ball body. I also love the "Midfield Droid" caption.
  • Fantasy Action Figure Package
    Generic Fantasy themed action figure package.
  • SciFi Action Figure Package
    Another Action Figure Package, this one with a generic sci-fi theme.
  • DC Action Figure Package
    DC comics this time.
  • Rapids-SW-2015
  • Logo Design for Food Droppers
    Food Droppers was a Grub-Hub style business that didn't last very long, I'm afraid. I'm very happy with how their logo turned out, though!
  • Menu Design for Randolph's in Denver's Warwick Hotel
    Very clean menu design for a very decent restaurant in downtown Denver.
  • Third Eye Yoga Logo
  • Outlaws Dancers Auditions Flyer
    For several years, I designed the covers for the dance team for the Denver Outlaws Lacrosse team. This is my favorite one.
  • Avalanche-SW-2015
  • Rockies Star Wars Night
    Clean up Jedi. These packages were so much fun to make.
  • Logo for Wax Trax Records
    Alternate logo for Wax Trax Records in Denver. This design was used on a series of T-shirts and stickers.
  • Broncos Banner
    Banner commemorating the Denver Broncos' 2016 championship season.
  • Cold Crush Banners
    A series of banners for the now defunct Cold Crush restaurant in Denver's hip RiNo district. I like these a lot.
  • Business Card for BSN Denver
    A nice, clean design for BSN Denver, a website that specializes in covering Denver sports teams. I like the diagonal type on the back, reinforced by the diagonal lines on the front.
  • DCC card
  • Business Card for Food Droppers
    Starting with their logo and keeping the "flying though the clouds" motif, I came up with this idea for the card. I like the type and the color choices as well.
  • Business Card for Luckii Productions
    The client wanted classy, elegant, eyecatching. I used the logo I designed for them and tried to keep the same feel for the card. Pretty successful, I think.
  • Business Cards for MGC
    The client wanted a very simple, very IKEA-like design for his card.
  • Rare Dankness
  • Punjabi Virsa Poster
    It was a lot of fun creating a poster for a style of music I am not in the least bit familiar with. I also designed a series of tickets to that year's event.
  • Colorado Avalanche Star Wars Night Action Figure Package
  • Agri-Aloe Label
    Packaging label for a series of plant nutrients. Very sleek, modern and clean.
  • Concert Poster
    Poster I designed for a friend's band. I took the photo also.
  • Business Card for Rockstar Screen Printing Supply
    What says "Rockstar" more than screaming fans and spotlights? I'm very happy with how this one turned out.
  • Business Card for Mile High Locksmith
    A simple business card design utilizing the colors of the Colorado flag.
  • So Grow Labels
    Packaging labels for So Grow insecticide formula. Very fun design.
  • TAAG Fitness Card
    Very cool, very textural business card design for TAAG Fitness.
  • Star Wars Night at the Colorado Rapids
    Flyer for Denver Print Company advertising our services, with a fun design on front.
  • Colorado Play of the Week
    Banner for BSN Denver feature
  • Vesna 14 Poster
    Poster for an event at a Russian Restaurant. Client wanted a pretty lady on it, and I wanted to add an element of those cool old Soviet propaganda posters.
  • SW Rockies Action Figure Package
  • The Flesch Report
    Banner for BSN Denver feature
  • Logo Design for Chip's Roofing and Exteriors
    Since all roofing companies have to have a roof in their logo, I could only oblige. I do like the colors and the type though.
  • Logo Design for Conquer the Spread
    Conquer the Spread was a sports betting site that is no longer in business. Still a pretty cool logo.
  • Delivering the D (2)
    Banner for BSN Denver feature
  • PGA Shot of the Week
    Banner for BSN Denver feature
  • Princess Action Figure Package
    Because little kids want to be action figures too!
  • Stargate
    A pair of enthusiastic ComicCon attendees wanted to be married in front of a Stargate. I made the graphics and applied them to foam backing, then made two pillars to support the 8' tall piece.
  • Wrappon Green Display
    This was a trade show display triptych for a company that made chemical toilets to be used in disaster situations. An actual example of the toilet was to be placed in the middle of the display. Not something I ever thought I'd design for, but turned out pretty good nonetheless!
  • Menu Design for Croc Soup
    These menus hang behind the counter at Croc Soup. Very happy with the incorporation of the logo and the colors as well as the type.
  • Broncos Film Room
    Banner for BSN Denver feature
  • Defensive Play of the Week
    Banner for BSN Denver feature
  • Delivering the D
    Banner for BSN Denver feature
  • Business Card Design for Rodarte Law
    The client wanted a very simple design that incorporated Aspen trees. I like the mimialism of this one.
  • Colorado Avalanche Star Wars Night
    Another design for the action figure box, this time at the Pepsi Center for my beloved Colorado Avalanche!
  • CD Wings Menu Design
    Menu/Brochure/Mailer design for CD Wings. I love working on menus, but they make me hungry...
  • Business Card for VW Union
    A Volkswagen owners group came to me and said they needed a card to draw attention to their club. I like the textures on this one.
  • Print Advertisement designs for Good Meds
    These full-color ads ran in Westword magazine.
  • Superhero Action Figure Package
    Another action figure package, this one with a generic superhero theme.
  • Nepali Wedding Banner
    A Nepali client wanted a banner for their wedding. Not exactly in my wheelhouse, but turned out very successful!
  • Laying the Wood
    Banner for BSN Denver feature
  • vybe-nation--banner
  • Complete Releaf Logo Design
    Logo Design for Complete Releaf, a dispensary
  • Star Wars
    This is a background for a life-size action figure box, made for Denver ComicCon
  • Logo Design for Canna Botica
    Canna Botica is a dispensary in Denver. I designed the logo and assisted with the store's initial branding.
  • Package Design for Pocketshots
    I designed a series of packages for Pocketshots, these are my three favorite ones.
  • Colorado Avalanche Star Wars Night
    Very happy with this one. The lightsaber/goalie paddle was a fun addition.
  • Brochure design for Metropolitan Physical Therapy
    Lots of words, but a very interesting design. The client was very happy with this.
  • Logo and Package design for Azomalli
    Azomalli is a company that imports specialty teas from Mexico. One of my interns designed the logo and I designed the packaging.
  • Showdown
    A very fun, very Denver based poster design, printed out and given away at Denver ComicCon. Tons of fun to make.
  • Southwest Denver OBGYN Shirt
    They said, "We need a design for a T-shirt, and our tagline is 'You hatch 'em, we catch 'em'." Pretty happy with how that turned out.
  • Logo Design for Luckii Producitons
    Original Logo Design
  • Dinosaur Ridge Bus Decal
    This was a decal that was attached to the sides of school buses. Very happy with the design (especially the dinosaur's eye peeking out of the vegetation...)
  • Denver Brew Loop Banner
    Fun, colorful banner designed for a company that shuttled tourists around to various Denver breweries.

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I’m a Graphic Designer based out of Denver, Colorado. I’ve been designing little logos and things for most of my life, so I decided to make a career out of it. Working as a Graphic Designer in print shops has given me the opportunity to work on so many different kinds of designs, to be exposed to many different kinds of designs (both good and bad) and incorporate all of that in my work. I’m very confident in my ability to design graphics, even on projects I haven’t tried yet.

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